Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

  Properly supervising children is the best way to prevent child sexual abuse. Children who are not supervised well can become emotionally vulnerable and, in turn, fall prey more easily to sexual abusers offering affection, attention and friendship.
  You can prevent child sexual abuse by becoming knowledgeable about the topic and by reporting any good faith suspicions you may have to the authorities. By becoming knowledgeable, you might be more aware of potential sexual problems in others, including young children and teenagers, or recognize inappropriate behavior by adults. You also might want to join the efforts of Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota in its organized efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect. [Email us]
  The sexual abuse of children must be stopped before it happens. Prevention actions include encouraging the media to inform the public about child sexual abuse, recognizing potential child molesters early and directing them to appropriate services, empowering parents to protect their children, and keeping chronic, untreatable child molesters away from children permanently. To truly prevent child abuse of any kind, we need to create a society that respects children, protects them from harm, and shows them how to treat others in a positive and non-exploitive manner.
What can a community do to prevent and treat sexual abuse?


People can advocate for well-trained protective services and police staff and training about cross-cultural perspectives on child sexual abuse. In addition, most abused children will need treatment to recover from the abuse. The community should invest in mental health services for these children. Also, the community should create public awareness campaigns about the causes and consequences of child sexual abuse as well as the need to report suspected incidents.
  Source: Basic Facts about Child Sexual Abuse, Prevent Child Abuse America.  See also the Keeping Your Child Safe section of this website.

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