North Dakota Child Sexual Abuse Facts

From July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002, North Dakota Child Protection Services found risk factors of sexual abuse in 116 reports involving 163 child victims.

The above statistics do not include 202 reports of child sexual abuse that were referred to law enforcement because the offenders were not a parent or were not in some other care giving role.

The victims in the child protection cases ranged from ages 2 to 17 years of age; 77% were age 11 years or under. The average age was 8.5 years.
Girls made up 67% and boys 33% of the victims.

As of January 2003, North Dakota had 1340 sexual offenders convicted with 823 on the registered sexual offenders list. Of the registered offenders, 57 are juvenile offenders. There are 1004 offenders living in North Dakota and 336 are in other states. 131 offenders, classified as high risk or lifetime registrants, are listed on the ND Attorney Generalís website.

As of March 2002, there were 221 sexual offenders incarcerated in the North Dakota State Penitentiary, which is 19% of the total prison population. It is estimated that 177 of these offenders have offended against children. The average sentence for sexual offenders in North Dakota is 8.45 years.

The Rape & Abuse Crisis Center in Fargo served 168 North Dakota children for sexual abuse issues in 2002.

The eight Regional Human Service Centers of the Department of Human Services saw 143 child sexual abuse victims for outpatient treatment between July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2002.

Residential Centers (Dakota Boys Ranch (15) and Home on the Range (15)) provide inpatient treatment for approximately 30 juvenile sexual offenders each year in specially designed programs.

The North Dakota Youth Correctional Center has a pre-treatment program for juvenile sexual offenders until they are ready to be sent to another residential facility. Between January 2000, and January 2003, 14 juvenile offenders have been treated in that program.

North Dakota Juvenile Court Services received 70 delinquent behavior referrals in 2001 specifically for sexual offenses.

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