Sex Offenders Registry

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a division of the Attorney Generalís Office, maintains the statewide sex offender and offenders against children registration system.
A person required to register must comply with the registration requirement for a period of ten years after the date of sentence, after the date of order deferring or suspending sentence upon a plea or finding of guilt, or after incarceration, whichever is later; or, for the life of the individual if any one of the following three conditions is present:

1. The individual is a repeat felony sexual offender or offender against children.

2. The individual has pled guilty to, or been found guilty of an offense committed after August 1, 1999, which is Gross Sexual Imposition involving force or threat of serious bodily injury or kidnapping; Gross Sexual Imposition in which the offender is an adult and the victim is under age 12; or, which is Kidnapping and the adult offender is other than the victimís parent.

3. The individual has been civilly committed as a sexually dangerous individual under chapter 25-03.3, under the laws of another state, or by the federal government.
You may view the registry on-line.

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