In Their Own Words

To help people better understand the wounds caused by child sexual abuse, the Alliance has invited North Dakota survivors to share their stories.
Blanket of Death


At times I feel as if I am suffocating.
Suffocating under this blanket I call death.
It is a blanket I have been trying to get
out from under all my life.
The further I run.
The bigger it seems to get.
It is cold under this blanket.
The more I try to run to the warmth,
the colder it seems to get.
I have come to the end of my running.
I feel as though I am suffocating.
I do not know how much fight I have left in me.
The blanket seems to be falling closer and closer to me.
The blanket is closer to winning than it has ever been.
This blanket covers me like a layer of snow.
No part is left uncovered.
It is beginning to envelope my soul.
It is only a matter of time before the blanket
puts me to sleep.
  Chris Brown - August 21,1989

Where to go.
  I ended up in prison and I thought maybe this is
where I belong, I thought is this where I belong.
All this is behind me now, all the things that use
to make me feel like I belong are gone now.
So I ask myself "Where do I belong"?


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