Authentic Voices


Authentic Voices of ND provides opportunities for survivors and others impacted by any form of child sexual abuse, child abuse or neglect to educate adults and protect children by sharing their voice.


Preventing – child sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect
Protecting – children from child sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect
Healing – adults and children who have been affected by child sexual abuse, child abuse or neglect.

We are your teachers, bankers, musicians, secretaries, social workers, physicians and neighbors. Yet, we were once scared children whose bodies and minds bore the brunt of abuse and neglect. We still struggle with the pain. The memories still haunt us. Now it’s our turn to save children. You can be a Voice for children by shedding light on this terrible epidemic.

We invite you to join a developing group of people whose lives have been directly affected by child sexual abuse, child abuse or neglect. Together we can shed light on this silent crisis. Children are the only constituency that cannot advocate for themselves, so we must be their Voice. It is time for the silence to stop. Our Voices in large numbers will make the difference for children.

Speaking up is what membership is about. Our society tends to ignore child abuse or to avoid discussion of it. We can never end child abuse and neglect until people recognize it and help in the process. It is not a task that can be accomplished by the professionals without the broad support of people who are or have been affected.

For more information, please contact Authentic Voices at Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota – 701-223-9052 or call Heather Pautz, chairperson, at 701-845-6659 or Sheila Andrews at 701-293-7273.

Fill out a membership form today and join the Authentic Voices of North Dakota in their efforts to prevent all forms of child abuse and neglect.

You can make a difference!


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